Best Travel Trip in Ireland

What is your dream country to visit?

We all have a bucket list of countries we want to visit. We are maybe influenced by our family, friends, or by our own discovery. These countries that we choose somehow amazed us, and the reason why we want to visit them in the future.

One of the known countries around the world is Ireland. This country has a vast landscape with fresh air. It is why millions of visitors wanted to visit this country because of its natural environment that is famous across the globe. In protecting its natural environment, there is a European Green Deal that is being introduced that aims to make Europe achieve and preserve the natural habitat. In this way, they will protect both animals and plants, and above all are humans. Aside from the well-known green pastures of Ireland, it is also known for its rich history in sports. One of the known sports in this country is golf. As we know, golf is a club and ball sport that is playing across the globe. It also has implemented rules; wherein there are various clubs that the players can use to hit balls into a series of holes on a course. This sport is widely played by the Irish, the citizens of Ireland.

In Ireland, golf is one of the most popular sports and activities by its people. The popularity of it is very evident in the older people in this country. Through this sport, it is said that the older people who are exposed to playing this are much stronger and tend to live longer in life. It shows that this exercise is very beneficial for the Irish, as it has a high impact on physical and mental well-being. The popularity of this sport started to increase in the 20th century; wherein there are lots of golf courses that have been opened for the people to engage more in playing it.

Until today, golf is one of the famous sports in Ireland that is continuing to be played by their citizens. As we are already living in the modern world, this sport is open to visitors or tourists who want to experience the green pastures that the country is being proud of. Through the Ireland golf trips, tourists may experience the beauty of Ireland’s golf courses.

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