Find out How Shooting Practice Collaborates for Self-defense

Self-defense is a way to seek effective practical ways to defend yourself in the most diverse situations. It consists of simple and quick response techniques, in order to resist and defend in situations of abuse or violence in everyday life. Self-defense allows any ordinary citizen to defend himself, regardless of strength, age or sex.

We consider the best way to respond to a situation in which we are being threatened is to avoid violence at all costs, but this is not always possible! For this reason, self-defense and martial arts courses have spread everywhere, they are a great option to defend yourself from dangerous situations.

About the sport of shooting

Shooting is a legal practice that helps to defend an individual. It involves practicing with light & heavy weapons and using AR 10 speedloader. Despite this, the lack of publicity about the sport generates prejudice and confusion in many citizens, who believe that practical shooting is illegal or merely a self-defense tool, with no connection with the sport. This is mainly due to the lack of incentive for sport in the country.

The practical shooting sport requires technique, concentration and physical and personal development in order to be practiced. The sport that delights men and women around the world has several benefits for mental and physical health.

How the sport of shooting helps to develop self-defense skills

Mental and physical balance – The sport of shooting collaborates so that the individual has total control over his actions in a rational manner, maintaining calm and balance, taking the risk of putting third parties in danger.

Advanced psychological control – An issue for which the sport of shooting collaborates a lot is psychological control, leading students to practice in their day-to-day control of all their actions, acting responsibly and with harmony in their actions.

Well-developed reflexes – To practice practical shooting you need to develop advanced reflex skills to act quickly

End the sport taboos today by start practicing shooting to develop self-defences skills. Whoever does not practice the sport of shooting and already has a desire to be part of a club, knows that around the area there are many taboos.

First of all, this is because sport is not seen as a sport. Second, sport is little publicized and our culture has developed a concept that relates weapons to violence, always causing a bad impression for those outside.

Taking a shooting course allows students practicing the sport to clarify ideas and open their vision in relation to sports shooting.