If you want to maximize your bet winnings, betting on goals is one of the most effective ways of winning big. Though it could look like a difficult task, they are platforms renowned as exact score tips websites and relying on them could be one of the surest ways to win big in football betting.

How to bet on Goals

If you are an experienced bettor, you are probably already accustomed to how the exact score tips work but for a rookie betting on goals is simply predicting the correct score outcome of a match event. For example, if Manchester United FC is home to Manchester City FC, an exact score option will be 2 – 0 if you think Manchester United will win by two goals, or 1 – 0, 1 – 2 as the case may be.

Many bookmakers support the exact score option and so whichever bookmaker you decide to use, you still stand a chance of winning big.

Why should you bet on goals?

Betting on goals is very useful in football betting, and the simple reason is that it maximizes winning. A standard 1X2 two bet could as well be rewarding only if you take the risk of going against the odds.

Take, for example, a 1 X 2 option between a top team and an underdog team will only yield high rewards if you wager on the lesser side to win. But if you were to wager on the stronger team which is a much likely outcome, the returns will be so small it will ultimately take an accumulator stake to yield a reasonable reward.

This is why betting on goals is a more effective way of maximizing your winnings, and regardless of the strength of the teams, betting on goals is always rewarding. If your prediction was to favour the lesser side, the reward is even higher.

Betting on the exact score could be rewarding even in a single bet, where you do not need to combine other match events.

How to maximize the exact score option

Because predicting the exact score outcome of a match can be a bit tricky, utilizing an exact score tips site is the surest way of maximizing your winnings using the exact score option.

Many prediction sites exist for this purpose; however, one of the most accurate sites with a 99 per cent success rate is the exactscoretips.info.

This website offers exact score tips at the cost of USD4350 for silver tips and USD7850 per gold tips. This may be on the high side, but considering their success rate, it can quickly turn a wise investment.


If you fancy the accumulator betting system, but a single event is always causing you a heartbreak, perhaps you should consider betting on goals.

Using websites tha are renowned as exact score tips tipster like http://www.exactscore.tips/ can improve your winnings, so ensure you use exact score tips tipster to optimise your betting chances.