What You Need to Analyse for H2H Statistics in Tennis and Football for Winning Bets

It can be truly challenging to build a football betting strategy. Even in a situation where you can achieve the right strategy, it does not mean that one would place the bets and collect the winnings. There is a need for constant effort and certain steps are needed for the preparation of each bet. Overall, a research and thorough statistical analysis is the key to success. Head to head statistical analysis so one of the key strategies in betting tips and it needs to be complemented by consideration of other important aspects. Based on the markets one chooses, one can go in for plenty of details. However, the basis of both of them remains the same.

Good evaluation is the only way to know the things, which may be expected. There are plenty of details to be considered based on the market one chooses. However, the basis of most of these remains the same. Moreover, there are various aspects of preparation, which betters just cannot ignore. You wouldn’t become a winner instantly with these; but, you would surely be taking a step in the right direction with these. The use of h2h statistics helps in the evaluation of all the important aspects being highlighted below.

Check Team Performance Over A Long Duration

This is one of the important aspects but many people choose to ignore it. Comparing the long term performances of both the teams is vital.  In other words, it is an observation to measure the class performance. Anyone can get in form, but it needs something more to be reliable.


The right time ram generally depends on what one is looking for. However, the minimum is around a couple of months and even a year. It helps to give one a good start alongside the platform that can be built on while getting into greater details later.

One of the important questions in these considerations is how a team member performs with respect to goals conceded, goals scored, playing at home or away, results which went against the teams that are similar to those of opponents. There are also many more valid points to consider.

Short Term Trends

When one has achieved a better understanding of the long-term performances, one needs to dig deeper and analysis of the current form of both the teams. Confidence is the key to football and tennis. Few payers seem like world-beaters one day and amateurs on another. That is why short term trends hold utmost importance.

H2H stats take into account most of these vital aspects. Alongside these, team news and the presence of key players are other factors one needs to consider in predicting matches.