Types of Betting Odds in Tennis


Tennis is a racket game which is easy to play in two ways. First, individually against a single opponent that is called singles. Second, this game can also happen between two teams or two players said as doubles. This game is played with the help of tennis rackets that is strung with cord to strike a hollow rubber ball. The tennis court has two parts with the help of the net. It divides the whole court into equal sides for playing for both the players.

Tennis is a famous worldwide game, played by both the genders.

Due to its popularity among the people, bettors opt to bet on the game a lot.


Here are some crucial WTA tennis odds are:

●    Moneylines

Moneyline is the most popular way of betting,which can also be seen in other sports like baseball and hockey. Ir is the simplest way to bet in this method of betting; betting is done on the player to win a match.

●    Set Spread

It is a type of betting according to which method of betting. The bet is there on sets instead of games. It seems a bit similar to a game spread, but it is not same. Bettors bet on the collection, not on the game which makes it different from the other method of betting.

●    Game Spread

Another way to bet on tennis game is by betting on the match instead of betting on the player. Tennis games are full of possibilities which make it a bit tough to bet on it. So bettors choose to bet on the game which can be beneficial than others.

●    Over/Under Bets

The method of over/under bets in tennis is nothing but betting on match whether the match will end in straight sets or additional sets. In this bet type, the remarkable thing is you need not to pick a winner at all. It is just based on the probability of how the game will come to an end either with straight-set or additional sets.

●    Exact Score Bets

Exact score bets are the type of wagers that can be applied to both game or sets. The good thing about this type of betting is that it is easy to understand and with the pretty high amount of premium which are based on the fact that they are challenging to win the bet.

●    Prop Bets

In this type of betting, bettors going to bet on something which may or may not happen during the match. If you bet in favour of something to happen and it will happen, then you will win the bet and vice-versa.