Tips to maintain your bicycle in good condition:

For every human being cycling is a wonderful exercise to keep your body fit and healthy. So if you are cycling regularly, you need the proper maintenance for your bicycle to run smoothly. There are very simple and easy steps to follow. The bicycle consists of a lot of tricky steps to maintain it in a good way. If you follow the directions properly, then your two-wheeler will run smoothly on all types of roads. Here you can see the simple tips to maintain your bicycle in good condition.

Clean your bicycle thoroughly:

Don’t be lazy to clean your bicycle. Give a sponge bath; don’t give the superficial bathing because it is not good for your cycle. Use the soft cloth and some soap water to give your bicycle a complete bath. Take the toothbrush to clean the parts, and little kerosene will help you take the stubborn grease and grime off. Some nooks and corners of the most vital part of the bicycle may be a little hard to reach spokes, chain and the sprocket, so use the brush to clean it completely. Clean all your cycle lights to give a beautiful look for your cycle.

Clean and lubricate your chain properly:

Cleaning and lubricating your bicycle chain will save you a lot of money from damage. If your chain is worn, then replace your bicycle chain immediately. If you get annoyed by the squeaking sound from your chain and sprockets, it is due to the metal rubbing against grime and the mud. So have the proper lubrication to have the perfect chain. The rate is not cheap to replace the bicycle chain, so save your money by regularly cleaning and lubricating the chain.

Check the wheels:

Ensure that your spin wheels are turning freely, and you can see that it is straight true. If your bicycle has a disc brake, check both the sides of the rotors on each wheel. Make sure it looks smooth to handle. If your cycle has the V brakes, then watch the wheels while spinning to make sure that the brake blocks do not contact the rims. Check the tire pressure on both the wheels that are in good condition. If your bicycle tires have any damage then replaces the tires before your next ride. If you have women’s cycle chain it is very easy to remove and replace, so you don’t want to spend more energy repairing it.

Check the nuts and bolts:

Keep all the screws, bolts and nuts in the proper condition. If they are loose, then check regularly. Don’t over tighten the bolts and nuts because it will not give smooth handling for you while you are riding. If any of the nuts are very loose, then change the corresponding nuts according to your requirements. You can only use the specific nuts for your bicycle which you use. If you replace any nuts, then check twice is thrice before taking a ride on your cycle.

Bottom line:

By keeping your bicycle in good condition you can  enjoy all the ride of your cycle, and it will give you a heavenly feeling. Keep your bicycle in good condition to have a healthy ride.