The Goals and the Football Enjoyment Now

By setting goals, defense or attack in general, the coach determines the group tactics in football. The task of a competent trainer is to put the right priority not on one element in the game, but focusing on individual and group tactics of football together.

Soccer Tactics Training

Soccer Tactics Training Tactics, like any other element of training a football player, require constant training and practice. The foundations of tactics are laid in sports schools at a very early age, starting at the age of three. At this age, the football coach puts players in different, still conditional positions, someone in defense, someone at the gate, someone in the attack. It is then that the coach shows where and how to move. From this moment, young football players begin their training in football tactics. With the NBA중계 relay you will know the best now.

Full – fledged tactical exercises, which schematically show the movements of players on the field, occur by means of video analysis of game episodes, analysis of alternative options for action, assessment of the correctness of decision making.

The most effective tactical lessons are learned with consolidation in practice

Having shown the movement scheme of players on the board using chips or a marker, the next step will be a visual demonstration already in the conditions of a football field.

It is important to remember that understanding football tactics comes with time, during regular training. In our classes, we are waiting for all fans from zero experience of the game to a professional. The coaching staff is ready to tell and demonstrate all the nuances of football. They also will not forget to share tips that will help you enjoy the game every day.

Central forward

  • The central striker or nine, unlike other roles, the goal is only to attack. His responsibilities include blocking the opponent’s resistor and helping his own, distracting the defenders and causing fouls near the opponent’s goal. 
  • The center forward can be players of different constitutions. Each of them has its own peculiarity of conducting an attack. If he has good speed skills and tactical skills, then he maintains a position on the verge of an offside position. 

This is the most common way of playing a game for this type of football striker. In the presence of high growth, impressive dimensions and a developed second floor, it is optimal to stay close to midfielders. Almost all canopies are oriented to such a player. If the player is hardy and technically savvy, then the style of his game is shifted to the organization of the attack, and partially to defense. This position is called a drawn forward or playmaker. An athlete in this role traditionally wears 10 number. The most famous among them are Pele, Lionel Messi, Roberto Baggio. There is also a “false nine”. This is a center, deflecting defense, while he himself does not make shots on goal.