Katie Wins against Karen Elizabeth and Now Wants Next Fight in Ireland


It’s not easy to put everything on the line and lose it all when you lose one fight. However, Katie Taylor was confident and she definitely showed her class in her match against the Argentinian Karen Elizabeth. 

Very few are able to achieve what Katie has in her career. The next time you read sports news, it might be another one of her fights but in Ireland, as she has direly wished for it. 

The Fight against Karen Elizabeth

Katie had not fought for nearly 6 months when she stepped into the ring against the Argentinian. With a record of 19 wins in 19 fights, the Argentinian boxer was confident about her victory. 

She had claimed to take the belts back to Argentina but if you looked at the betting odds, you wouldn’t have said so. The fans of boxing knew they were going to see Katie win and that’s exactly what the Olympic gold medalist did.

The gold at Olympics is not the only thing to her name. She has not been beaten once in her career and this recent win was another addition to that list. 

Katie was strong right from the first round, but Karen had plans of charging her in the second round. It began as per her plan but Katie Taylor soon gained control and started throwing strong punches. 

By the fifth round of the boxing match, Karen had started to show signs of backing off and some serious injuries to her face. Katie was now in full control. It was a comprehensive win for her at the end. 

Katie Wants the Next Match in Ireland

While she hoped to fight Amanda Serrano in the next match, Katie’s main focus after the match was to fight in her hometown. She wished to fight Amanda in Croke Park. 

According to Katie, she would prefer to fight Amanda, but for as long as the next fight takes place in Ireland, she is alright with fighting just about anyone. 

The fans from Ireland are definitely behind her. She wants to give them exactly what they want and this is just going to make the unbeaten champion even more famous in Ireland.