How to Pick Up the Best Golf Ball for Beginners? (#3 Is The Most Useful Factor)

Not all levels of golf players use the same golf ball. As a beginner, you might come face-to-face with hundreds of choices. But there’s only a fraction of them that would suit you as a beginner.

The benefits of choosing the right golf ball are plenty. It improves your game, your skills as a beginner, and gives you the proper balance. Now, all this may seem hard enough as it is to compare and consider. What follows next will make your purchase much easier and faster.

Let’s discuss every necessary detail about a golf ball. The kind of information that would elevate your know-how about the best golf ball for beginners. My goal is to make this as less intimidating as possible.

How to Pick Up the Best Golf Ball for Beginners?

There’s only one way to pick up the best golf ball for beginners. But there are plenty of wrong ways. What it all comes down to is performance. You want the best golf ball to elevate and enhance your game.

If you want to master a new golf technique, it’s important to take that into consideration. For example, if you’re short off the tee, you can buy a specific golf ball. It will enhance the distance while improving speed and stability.

Picking the best golf ball for beginners is all about the features. Such as:

#1 Construction

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For beginners, a double or triple-piece golf ball is ideal. A double cover allows better durability and distance. Generally made of surlyn covers, they have a strong core. Triple-piece golf balls offer greater speed than longer distances. They’re made of urethane covers that are thin but expert.

Between the two kinds of golf balls, a beginner has two options. You can pick which ball you want based on how you want to improve your golf game. Do you want more distance? Or do you want to improve speed while improving stability?

#2 Dimples

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A golf ball dimple is an indentation on the surface. It’s the only factor that separates a golf ball from a tennis ball. And if you’re new to this, let me tell you that these very dimples impact performance.

On average, a golf ball has around 500 dimples. The lowest dimples that a golf ball could have is 300. What they do is influence the golf ball’s flight. This, consequently, affects the speed and launch angle of the ball.

If you want better control and reduce lift and drag of the ball. Look for a golf ball with more than an average number of dimples. The ideal number should be between 300 to 500 dimples for the best golf ball for beginners.

#3 Compression

As the name suggests, compression is when the ball comes in contact with the club face. The golf ball “compresses” which creates energy transfer and shoots the ball forward. And this is very important.

Not all golf balls have the same compression level. It starts from 70 to 100 or more. Low compression golf balls (between 70 – 80) are for a beginner. They may not shape your shots. But they improve distance and balance. Mid compression (80 – 90) gives you a better feel, grip, and distance.

High compression (90 and above) offers all-round performance. But it’s the ideal choice for a professional and expert golf player. Beginners may find this too stiff or powerful to practice with.

#4 Spin

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The spinning factor is determined by the golf ball’s cover. Golf balls with a urethane cover offer backspin. And balls with multiple covers elevate distance while reducing backspin. This applies only to two-piece or three-piece golf balls.

What beginners want is a soft urethane cover that generates a backspin/sidespin. This prevents slices and hooks which is a great place for beginners to start from.

The EndNote

The way a beginner performs also depends on the golf ball he or she is using. It influences the swing speed, distance, and stability. And with big golf brand names in the picture. Such as Titleist, Callaway, and Srixon. What you need is a reliable and effective golf ball for beginners.

This article will give you immediate results. It’s the one and only guide for picking up the best golf ball for beginners. From design to performance to durability, it covers a lot of ground.

This means you won’t waste your money buying something that’s not fit for you. Trust me when I say this, that as a beginner, this is your best chance of buying the ideal golf ball.

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