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Depending on the nationality, Europeans are passionate and also practice “road” sports. The most popular is by far the most popular cycling on the continent. France, Italy and Spain host the three main rounds, but if the riders of his country are numerous, we also find a large number of Belgians, Dutch, Danish, British or Luxembourgish. On a private basis, 31% of Belgians say they practice cycling regularly.

In addition, motor sports, which for financial and technical reasons are not practiced by individuals, are also very popular in many European countries. This is particularly the case in Italy or Germany, but also in Belgium and Finland with regard to Formula 1. Rally races have recently gained popularity in a country like France, in favor Sébastien Loeb’s successes. The use of the MLB중계  comes essential now with the finest sports broadcasts now.

National features

Finally, note that the European slogan “united in diversity” also applies to sport. In fact, several countries are distinguished by the practice of sports whose fame has been little or not exported outside their borders.

The most emblematic case is probably that of Ireland, where Gaelic sports are kings. Especially Gaelic football, which is played in teams of 15 players and which, to go fast, is at the crossroads of traditional football and rugby. The hurling is also unavoidable in the country. It is also played at 15, but this time we use bats to advance the ball and score goals. The female version of the hurling is the camogie. Sign of the high popularity of these sports, they have at their disposal and exclusively the largest stadium in the country (Croke Park, 82 000 seats) in Dublin.

  • The United Kingdom, for its part, is obviously known for cricket, a sport with rules considered complex and which is, even today, very little practiced outside the Commonwealth countries, Australia, New Zealand Zealand, India and Sri Lanka being, with England, the best nations of the world in this discipline.

The Scandinavian countries are also not left out in terms of singular sports. The Swedes particularly appreciate the bandy, who is an ancestor of Russian origin, ice hockey. The ice rink is here replaced by a frozen football field and the number of players per team has increased from 6 to 11. This sport has also broken into Estonia.

Last Words

Another variant of hockey: the floorball, or unihockey, which is practiced in the room. Here too, Swedes are among the main fans, joined by Finns, Germans and Slovaks. Field hockey, for its part, is a Dutch specialty.

Finally, among the other national peculiarities, it is possible to mention the Basque pelota, popular discipline on both sides of the Pyrenees, or even the petanque, whose popularity is undeniable in France and which is also widely practiced in Malta (under a variant called Bocci).

Since the Greco-Roman era sport has always had a different social position from that of other trades. The athletes were recognized as worthy men to whom we owe respect because their training and their performance forced him. It is notably in Greece that we owe great meetings such as the Olympic Games, stadiums or even whole disciplines. Even if it is true that disciplines were invented thanks to the evolution of the mores of society. base of all the sports universe does not come from us.