Game Rumors: New games are weak?

The new generation was to be a new quality, new impressions. Something probably broke because it is secondary, boring and in an uninteresting open world that you don’t want to play anything. Or maybe only I have this feeling? Get the new game rumors on here

At the very beginning, as this is my first entry, I would like to say hello and hope that this short text will not be read badly. So, hello to everyone and the point. . .

I’m not a player with as much experience as some here. My first console was PlayStation 2 (which I consider being the best console ever), later of course PS3, sometimes a PC, and now the fourth stationary console from Sony. On “czarnulce” I played mainly Chinese fairy-tale fighting games with my friends or even my beloved Devil May Cry. I didn’t complain about the number of good games on the top three either. I remember that a few years ago I was waiting for a really large number of titles and succumbed to the hype. There were so many good games out during the year that it was hard to choose which one to buy first. It is enough to mention that the premiere at that time had, among others Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Uncharted series, GTA V, Heavy Rain, and my favorite souls. Finally, the current generation time has come.

We are already a good few years since the launch of new consoles. And what? Nothing. On one hand, I can count titles that match games from PS2 or PS3. I will not write anything revealing that we are almost flooded with remasters (still refreshed versions of games from the end of the PS3 generation are nothing wrong, especially exclusive games, but titles that have their years already – I do not understand it, and these rumors about Skyrim on PS4, ugh). Every second game has a great, open world, thousands of boring finds, a fine story and is a failed copy of GTA. Just see what they do with Mafia 3. From the series, which focused on the climate and interesting history, instead of boring openness, and thanks to which it stood out, another game is created, which looks like a copy of Rockstar’s last game. I would like to be very wrong, but this is probably a meaningless wish.

The latest news about the Watch Dogs sequel only reinforces the belief that all new games are the same (and that Ubi can’t, IMO, make games). The first part wasn’t broken, it wasn’t even good. The interesting idea has been completely kicked and this is not about this famous downgrade, because the graphics do not matter. WD was simply boring and presented a secondary assassin gameplay pattern that does not change. The second part promises to be more of the same with the pseudo-chill vibe of teenagers hacking the city taking a selfie. No thanks.

Surely some of you had a period when you didn’t get the pleasure of playing as they used to. Such a “player crisis”. Maybe it was because when playing for a long time nothing could surprise you, in my case, it is probably not so. I say that simply new games are weak, secondary and do not present anything interesting. As I used to be able to wait for a few or a dozen games a year, now the only interest in me is probably only Persona 5 and The Last Guardian (Ico and SotC are brilliant titles!). Do you also think that games are getting worse and you get less joy from it, or maybe the opposite? Share!