Are cheap skateboard bearings just as good?

Skateboarding so popular today which gave birth to availability of a lot of cheaper kinds, some of these cheaper skates carry trusted brand logos and endorsement of a pro skateboarder. And it be to confirm that the available cheap skateboard is in good condition and operating well before purchasing it. Buying of cheaper skate can be judge by the seriousness of the skater if it just for fun and once in a while, the cheaper one is nice or good to buy. But for a skater who is expecting to become professional skater and more just a funny, it will advisable to get better and quality skateboard though it makes be seen expensive. Now let us consider some of what to examine but buying a cheap skateboard with good condition.

Check The Skateboard’s Wheels

The first thing is to check the wheels and bearings of the skateboard whether plastic or not because it better to avoid a plastic wheels skateboard. The bitter experience of the skateboard can be the best experienced with plastic wheel skate. Skateboard with plastic or rubber wheels are not good at all but it is best to go for a skateboard with urethane wheels. Urethane wheels are best in holding ground without a slide out of control but in the case of plastic wheels, it is not possible which can easily slide out of control. As wheels are what people enjoy in the skateboard.

The Trucks of the Board is the Next

Axles are the skateboard of the trucks, they are made from a fair sturdy metal and they are not ordinary painted heavy metal. The heaviness of the skateboard is always d justify by the heaviness of the trucks, it must be cleared that the heaviness of the skateboard affects the tricks. As part of the rules of the thumb is that the trucks must bear the brand stamp.

The Last Is The Price

It is good to look for more money in order to buy better skateboard than go for an ordinary skateboard in the name of cheap price. Though it makes look and sound shallow it is clear that quality materials are used to make good skateboard and it will a big lie to think a quality skateboard can be purchased with $30 USA. To say the truth, there is a great opportunity to buy a quality skateboard with good condition at $50USA, than searching for the less expensive and not quality skateboard.