All You Need to Know About the Sport of Golf

A sport for the upper class; that’s what people might tell you when ‘golf’ is mentioned in any conversation. But one can easily deny this statement as every sport has one demand – skills with passion. Golf is a game of patience and maybe that’s why business conversations can also take place during a game of it and that’s how the above remark was created. People have also been able to make careers out of it.

And if you are a novice or a beginner, then look no more because this article has got you covered for everything you need to know about the sport of golf.

Brief on History of Modern Golf

The modern, 18-hole version started in Scotland in the 1400s. However, it can be traced back millennia to China in its raw forms. It is also important to understand that golf in its literal term means ‘club’ hence, the name. It has nothing to do with ‘men only and no ladies’.

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Some of the Terms used in the Sport

  • Golf Tee – the wooden peg to place a golf ball on at the start
  • Fairway – golf course part leading to the green area
  • Bunker – a sand-filled ditch
  • Hazard – any obstacle between the golf ball and the hole
  • Stroke – swing made with the intent to hit the ball
  • Par – the standard number of strokes it should take to get the golf ball from the tee to the hole

Scoring Details (under par)

  • Ace – a hole in one
  • Eagle – 2 strokes

(above par)

  • Bogey – 1 stroke
  • Double Bogey – 2 strokes
  • Triple Bogey – 3 strokes

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The Kit: Clubs and Gears

Remember, not spend too much on a golfing kit initially. It’s better to improve your kit as you improve your game and your skills. That way it would be easier to understand the application of specially designed kits and making of use of a specific type of club and gears.

 Don’t go around buying a kit on your own. Discuss it with your guide or available faculty of the institute such as golf academy Singapore to buy what fits best.