Warnings Issued By beIN Media Group CEO about Football Rights

The TV bubble over the football sports is now open to all as the beIN Media Group CEO mentioned about the entire scenario of the same in his keynote address in London. In the Leaders Conference held in October 2019, he mentioned about the probable downfall that the TV right owners would be facing in the coming days. He pointed out that it is the lack of seriousness in taking steps against privacy that had led the situation to such a grim result.

What thE CEO Said

The CEO mentioned that the complication about football ownership was on the formation for quite some time. However, the TV owners and the other parts of the TV sports industry were not very active on stopping it. This is eventually building the cause of a sudden down riding of the earning from the football match broadcasts. According to the experts, he was being open about the present situation and the complications that are caused.

Mr. Al-Obaidly also mentioned about how the whole industry will suffer because of the wrong decisions already taken. However, though his speech was appreciated by many, the TV right owners did not fully agree to his decsion to be so open in in public about it.

Reason for Complication for Many?

According to the TV right owners, this is kind of issuance of warning that Mr. Al-Obaidly made, was to make the industry more unstable and untrustworthy in the eyes of many. They mentioned that such warnings only create harms for their business and under the situation, if the business gets damaged by such warnings, then there would be no chance to turn back. However, from their opinions it was clear that the industry is already working on a bubble.

Piracy Issues: Who’s Checking?

Mr. Al Obvaidly was bold and clear on the subject that piracy issues are here to catch the aspect of charm and profit from the industry. Now that more and more people are preferring the online channels, a lot of private internet sites and channels are streaming the matches. As a result, though the TV right owners are buying the exclusive rights, they are falling short on the aspect of exclusivity. Mr. Al-Obaidly also mentioned that the issues were continuing for quite some time now, however, no one took any kind of strict step. This is where they had made the mistake and this is where a large part of profit is go in in water.

Mr. Al-Obaidly mentioned that a lot of TV right owners are hoping for profits from the OTT platforms. However, the strength of the piracy process has become such that gaining relevance in trhe OTT platform has also become a dream.

The beIN Media Group CEO made it very clear that immediate drastic steps are essential to get out of these kinds of situations, otherwise dire consequences await for all. You can visit  http://www.insideworldfootball.com/2019/10/08/worst-nightmare-beins-al-obaidly-tells-sleep-walking-rights-owners-tv-bubble-burst/ to know more about it.