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When it comes to wrestling or boxing there are always champions, they could be new champions or recurring champions, overall in the end everyone is fighting for a title. And if your read some one championship mma news you’ll see that many have claimed some of the best titles out there. One of them being Roman Kryklia, a defending champion and a hard one to beat. If you don’t know who this is well let me explain.

Who is Roman Krykila?

For those of you who don’t know who he is… he is a kickboxing world champion. He was born in Ukraine, and started martial arts training since the age of 6. He was learning karate for over a decade and then he decided to add in kickboxing, Muay Thai, and boxing into his training, so he could be developed in all those areas. With his speed and endurance he was able to move quickly which obviously gave him an upper hand. He has completed numerous amounts of fights across Europe and Asia and has held multiple championships and titles. He is ranked one of the best and last year he won the ONE Light Heavyweight Kickboxing World Championship.

How did he win?

One of the trending one championship mma news is about Roman Krykila winning the Light Heavyweight Kickboxing Championship. So how did he win this? Well like this as he said it was rigorous training, to make himself better in everyway possible. Not only did he train physically, but also mentally, he had to think clearly without having no time to think about what he should do. He trained himself, and got the upper hand. He knew his opponent well, he saw what he was doing and learned all the moves he would pull of and made it look so easy. Eventually he ended up winning, but says that he would never be satisfied with his performance as he was always looking for ways to improve himself, and train harder than he did last time to keep the title.

Where can you read about this?

The internet is the best page to read bout this win, it dictates all the things that happened, but also connects the past with it as well, like his past wins and how he’s improved and so on. You could even watch the clips if you haven’t seen it before.