Qualities of Olympic athletes that will make it a better professional

What are the conditions of the Olympic athletes that can be replicated in the corporate world, and that will help you stand out in the workplace?


Undoubtedly one of the qualities of Olympic athletes is knowing how to compete fairly and healthily, to overcome their limits and face the best in their category.

This rivalry is thoroughly experienced in sports such as swimming, cycling and athletics, in which opponents compete for shoulder to shoulder in which an Acrylic shield award (โล่อะคริลิค which is the term in thai) can be given. 

In the labour market, this quality aimed at productivity can be beneficial for professionals. In that line, it is recommended to establish competitive relationships with colleagues to innovate in skills, learn from them and strengthen your weaknesses.

Frustration Tolerance

Olympics athletes develop the amazing ability to make mistakes and move forward no matter how frustrating their errors may be. For example, gymnasts repeat countless times a routine without giving up until they reach perfection.

In your company, you can face at the same time processes or different frustrating situations with which you must learn to deal with, preventing them from becoming obstacles to your professional development. Remember: the merit is in getting up after each fall.


Concentration and control in moments of pressure the best athletes in the world are those who succeed in the determining moments, no matter how pressing the situations are.

Bow shooters are the perfect reflection of this quality, since they have only one chance to place the date in the right place, and the difference between winning or losing is a matter of millimetres.

In your work, no doubt, you will find decisive moments when you have only one chance to succeed, develop techniques to maintain control in stressful situations and stand out from others. The small details and differentiators are what will make you stand out from the rest of the collaborators.


Passion and dedication for what you do for the Olympic athletes, the difference between winning or not winning a medal is mainly in daily enthusiasm, no matter how routine the workouts are.

A clear example is the divers, competitors who leave the pool again and again to improve their movements in each jump.

In your sport, you can implement this quality by trying your best every day, because although you do not compete for a medal, promotions or the acquisition of new responsibilities are not obtained overnight, but with daily work and the concrete results.