Perfect Choices for the Online Shopping Options

Do not be fooled by the low prices and the attractive discounts. Take the time to compare not only the cost of the product but also the availability, the delivery time announced (beware of the promises of delivery within 24 or 48 hours that are unlikely to be held), the services offered (deadline retraction, accessibility of customer service), what the warranty includes, etc. Also read carefully the product description (do not just the photo) and check that it is new (some sellers offer used or reconditioned items). In man cave you will be having the best deal.

Check The Identity Of The Seller

If you buy on a site offering a market place, look who is the seller and who is responsible for delivery. In any case, be careful that the seller is a professional. Otherwise you will not have any right of withdrawal, for example. Ask a question by e-mail before the purchase allows getting an idea of ​​the responsiveness of the seller.

Evaluate The Seriousness Of The Merchant

Regardless of the site and especially if it is little known, take the time to read the terms and conditions and make sure that there is clearly the name of the company, a physical address and a phone number. Finally, get an idea of ​​the reputation of the site by consulting customer testimonials on the Internet forums.

Be Wary Of Sites Based Abroad

Prefer merchants based in France and check that the product is in the European Union. If not, you may have customs duties and VAT to pay. Above all, in case of litigation, your actions will have almost no chance of succeeding.

Check Your Cart

Before paying, read the summary of the order. In addition to shipping costs, merchants add “processing” or “preparation” fees. Some do not hesitate to invoice in addition to the ecoparticipation or the private copying tax, which should however be included in the price displayed. Finally, check that the merchant has not inserted a warranty accessory or extension into the basket. The law forbids it.

Make Sure The Payment Is Secure

For this, a padlock must appear on the screen and the URL must begin with “https” and not “http” (screenshot below). If there are any doubts, the merchant may ask you for additional proof such as a photocopy of your identity card, a bank account (Rib) or a receipt of electricity. However, refuse to send him a copy of the credit card that was used to pay. Above all, never send money to a stranger via a money transfer system, such as Western Union. Most banks offer “virtual card” systems that pay on the Internet without having to send their Blue Card number. This solution can be useful if you have fears about the seriousness of the site.