Manchester City Destroys Bournemouth by 4-0, a Strong Statement for the Premier League Teams


Manchester City has annihilated Bournemouth in the Premier League match and has already taken a step further in getting the title. Their victory against Bournemouth has proven a strong statement and warning for the rest of the participating teams in the English Premier League.

Manchester City’s 4-0 Win against Bournemouth

The latest match played between Manchester City and Bournemouth was on Sunday. At the Etihad Stadium. The sun-drenched stadium became a battlefield for Manchester City while it became a haunting experience for Bournemouth.

Manchester City gained a victory against Bournemouth with 4 goals in their corner while the latter was left with a zero on their scoreboard. 

The First 45-Minutes were Decisive 

Given the performance Manchester City had displayed throughout the match, it is safe to say that even the first 45-minutes were decisive. 

The Manchester City players were able to show off their skills and playing power during the first half where they scored 3 goals. 

However, in the second half, Manchester City only scored 1 goal versus Bournemouth. This makes it quite evident that Manchester City felt relaxed in the second half, which is why it stopped showing much aggression against Bournemouth. 

According to the football analysts, Manchester City had lifted its foot off the gas. However, Manchester City was able to score yet another goal against Bournemouth, thus, sealing their win. 

Goals in the First Half

In the first 45-minutes, the goals were scored by Ilkay Gundogan, Kevin De Bruyne, and Phil Foden. 

Ilkay Gundogan scored his goal in the 19th minute. Kevin De Bruyne scored his goal in the 31st minute, while Phil Foden scored his goal in the 37th minute. 

Although the team did not put in much effort in the second half, still, they scored a goal against Bournemouth. 

On number four, it was ErlingHaaland, who not only made Pep Guardiola happy in his MANC debut match but also the rest of the club fans. 

Manchester City is on Top of the Premier League Board

With their latest win, Manchester City is now the top team in the Premier League with the highest number of goals. 

Although Arsenal also scored a win in their first match for the English Premier League. Still, Manchester City has the lead in terms of goals scored against their opponent.

Manchester City has Made a Strong Statement

With their latest win against Bournemouth, Manchester City has made one thing very clear for the rest of the Premier League teams. 

It is clear that they need to watch out for Manchester City as the team is giving in their hundred percent. They are stronger than ever and have freshly transferred players who are eager to prove themselves. 

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