Formation of Three Clubs by Disgruntled Fans

Fans are quite crucial in the game, they not only cheer for their favorite team but also support them and there are not only one or two examples, yes you heard it right there are three clubs formed by the supporters and they are F.C. United of Manchester, AFC Wimbledon, and SV Austria Salzburg.  

  • SV Austria Salzburg

It is not just a football club; it shows the passion and love of the fans devoted to the club. It has an interesting story and the starting year is 1933 when it was formed by the merger of the local clubs.

In the year 2005, Red Bull Company purchased it and re-innovated the club by changing the symbol, club name, management and much more. The first change was the symbol that heated the fans; actually, Red Bull Company removed the traditional color of violet & white to red and white. The fans protested for this change and the company agreed to allow the goalkeeper to wear the gloves and shocks of traditional color and this decision was quite hurtful for the fans and they decided to fight back. In 2006-07, the fans created a new club and named it as SV Austrian Salzburg. 

  • FC United of Manchester

The formation of F.C. United took place in Feb 2005 when the Malcolm Glazer took the control of Manchester United and the changes done by the business tycoon made the fans angry especially the rise of the ticket price, fixture amendment, and much more. The protest was done all over Manchester and the fans decided to fight back and formed a steering committee that results to F.C. United of Manchester. 

  • AFC Wimbledon

This club has also an interesting story and the same was formed in the pub. Isn’t so exciting, actually in the year 2002, FA decided to relocate the Wimbledon and for that three-body member agreed to handover it to Melton Keynes and since then protest started and few fans me at Fox and Grapes Club and decided to form a new class and this led to the rise of AFC Wimbledon. This new idea was accepted by the Combined Counties League and they got a chance to play their first match against Sutton.

The final thought is the story of the formation of these clubs shows that even the disgruntled fans can form the club.