Football Games and Sponsors – How They Work Hand in Hand

Football kits are one of the many things that the sponsors take care of for the players. Some kit has even ended up becoming the game changer in a football premier league.

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Here are some of the sponsors that have become a kind of game changer.

Fly Emirates

It was Chelsea that brought this sponsor to the world of football league in the year 2001/02. Just like Fly Emirates entered into the world of sponsors for the football games, many other airline companies also started showing their interest in the football events.

Reebok Stadium

Stadium sponsorships are actually many in today’s world. However, Reebok takes pride in being the first ever brand name to offer stadium sponsorship to the football team. Nowadays, they have even started shirt sponsorship to the players of their league.

Sharp / JVC

Arsenal and Manchester United brought the sponsors to the world of football in the year 1990s. They made an alliance with the electronic brand name JVC / Sharp, which was the famous electronic brand name at that time.


Car manufacturers and sponsoring the sports events work hand in hand. Many car manufacturers such as Aston Villa, Rover, Reg Vardy, etc., take pride in working with the football game events. Yokahama Tyres is also not an exception here.

Many stadiums have started accepting the stadium sponsorship from many brand names around the globe. During the game events, you might have noticed many names popping up here and there in your TV and computer screen, along with the brand names on the colours of the players.