Find the Best BBCOR BATS This Season

The abbreviation for “Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution” or “Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution” is BBCOR. It is a qualification standard that governs how much energy is lost when a bat makes contact with a pitched ball. There is a perfect bat for every hitter in a lineup. However, finding the best baseball bat for your swing isn’t always as simple as opening a can of corn. This baseball season, the best bbcor bats 2022 can significantly improve your offensive performance. With this Pro Tips collection, you can get ahead in the count and dig in for future success. There is a bat for every athlete, whether they hit for average or power, contact or pop. This Pro Tips collection of the year’s best bbcor bats will help you find your next go-to stick:

  1. Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR bat 2021

The 2021 Meta BBCOR is designed with performance in mind, continuing Louisville Slugger’s tradition of innovation. The EKO Composite Barrel works in tandem with the 3FX Connection System to provide a stiff feel at contact while maintaining a light swinging profile. A new GT1 End Cap also contributes to the Meta family’s hallmarks of barrel length and swing speed. The 2021 Meta BBCOR features a balanced swing, providing athletes with the ideal combination of speed and power at the plate. And, thanks to the LS Pro Comfort Grip, each swing is as comfortable as the last.

  1. Louisville Slugger Meta PWR BBCOR Bat 2021

This bat can help you drive every pitch you see thanks to its loaded EKO Composite Barrel for maximum swing speed. A Premium GT1 End Cap is also included with the 2021 Meta PWR BBCOR. This technology can assist you in swinging the bat more easily, allowing you to put your full potential into every hack. The LS Pro Comfort Grip complements this outstanding stick by providing ample tack and cushion for comfort and performance.

  1. Marucci CAT9 BBCOR bat 2021

Marucci’s AZR Alloy is used in this one-piece baseball bat to improve feel, forgiveness, and performance at the plate. The CAT9 BBCOR also has a Longitudinal Groove System that runs the length of the thickest section of the barrel wall. This LGS can aid in the reduction of excess bat weight and the improvement of flexibility for that desired whip through the zone. And, regardless of the contact, the CAT9 BBCOR can provide a forgiving feel. The 2nd Generation Anti-Vibration Knob features a harmonic dampening system, which helps to reduce potential negative vibrational feedback on mishits.

  1. DeMarini The Goods Half N Half BBCOR bat 2021

The X14 Alloy Barrel on DeMarini’s 2021 The Goods Half N Half BBCOR is ideal for unleashing the power hitter within. The alloy barrel is joined to a composite handle by DeMarini’s Direct Connection Piece. This technology can help increase energy transfer on contact, resulting in plenty of power to drive the ball wherever you want. DeMarini’s Seismic End Cap, made from the stiffest materials for added pop, tops off this powerful build.